Enable Wireless Sync in iOS 5 over Wifi

iOS 5 would enable you to sync your iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad to Sync wirelessly over Wifi. Just like android, say good bye to wires.

Apple describes the Wireless Sync as:

Wirelessly sync your iOS device to your Mac or PC over a shared Wi-Fi connection. Every time you connect your iOS device to a power source (say, overnight for charging), it automatically syncs and backs up any new content to iTunes. So you always have your movies, TV shows, home videos, and photo albums everywhere you want them.

How to Enable Wireless Sync in iOS5

  1. Make sure you’re running iTunes 10.5 or later on your computer. Connect your PC / Mac and iDevice to same Wifi, if not already.
  2. Open iTunes, Plug in your iDevice into your computer. In summary tab under your connected device, check mark/enable the “Sync over Wi-Fi connection” option ad Sync it while USB still connected.
  3. Now you can unplug the USB connection and sync with iTunes wirelessly over the same WiFi network from Settings -> General -> iTunes Wi-Fi Sync.


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