Energizer USB ultra flat cables – lightning and otherwise

A data cable is needed for any of the following purposes:

  • Charging the device
  • To Sync Data
  • Data transfer
  • Use as OTG cable

And broadly the cables that we use are of two types:

  • One Original OEM cable that you get free with your digital devices
  • Numerous cheap cables that you buy every second week. Either because you’ve lost the original cable or the previous cheap cable lasted only for that period

Is there a learning in the aforementioned categorization? Yes there is!

Get yourself a branded cable that comes with a guarantee. It may be costlier than your favorite cheap cable, but it will last you a lifetime. Well, atleast the lifetime of your digital device. And having a guarantee on a ‘paltry’ item as a cable is exquisite.

This is where Energizer steps in with their range of USB cables. These come with Lightning connectors for the iPhone and the iPad. These are made of highest quality PVC and are tangle averse too.

Being MFi certified only adds to the quality affirmation. “MFi” stands for ‘Made fo iPhone” or “Made for iPad”. They reduce energy loss dissipated as heat due to resistance from poorer materials. Get yourself one good cable and stick to it.


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