Eric Schmidt at D9: Interview Summary

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt provided the answer to the questions every industry evangelist had been looking for at D9. Eric Schmidt got interviewed at AllThingsD D9 conference and he had some great views to share with us.

Eric highlighted 8 main points while talking about the power and dominance of the big brands and how they are changing the way people live.
Among the facts he shared with the public:

  1. There are only 4 major players in the industry that are impacting the life’s of the consumers. He calls them Gang of Four: Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook. Ahem, no Microsoft.
  2. Google has managed to get a deal renewed with Apple to be the default search engine & Maps on all apple devices: Mac OS Safari, iPHone, other iOS devices. Also it would be the default location data provider on iOS.
  3. Google would get social data from number of sources and would not intend to buy any of the existing social networking sites.
  4. Eric would love to work with Google till his deathand even after that if thats possible.
  5. Google had long invented technology for public facial recognition but privacy issues are holding it back
  6. His biggest failure was to fail at Social. If there’s only one thing he could change for the good, Social would be it.
  7. Google doesn’t misuse user information, it all comes back to user as better search results. User has the full control over the information they are sharing with google.
  8. If you care about security use Mac over a PC and user Chrome browser.

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