Face Recognition: New Way to Save Power

Going green in Technology is in-vogue. We’ve seen a numerous number of efforts to save power, and reduce co2 emission. Here comes another one and unique of it’s kind.

Hitachi has come up with a  face-recognizing television that intends to save power, whenever you are not watching it. The prototype consists of a camera that looks for a face in front of it and whenever you glance away, a power-saving mode like shutting off display or reducing LCD brightness comes into picture.

Though this demo features a text instead of actually saving power, but the actual commercial product will be saving power. Looks promising for a single user.

But wait a minute what if there are multiple viewers, it can endup with all sorts of confusions.  Particularly, if you’ve got a few viewers trying to watch from a few feet further away than the first one, does camera handle all such scenarios effectively? Possibly we will have to wait for the prototype to solidify into a product to get our answers.

Meanwhile, watch it in action:

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