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There are hundreds of thousands of apps that exist each on iOS /iPhone and Android. However, you may find an attractive app on iOS and you want something similar on Android.

You can now look up for the availability of Android variants of iOS apps in the Google Play Store. To make it even simpler, how about letting you scan app icon on iPhone screen and you get equivalent results on your Android?

Find iOS / iPhone equivalent apps on Android

The Appmover does all that. Appmover lets you scan an app icon on iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch and immidiately shows you equivalents on the Android in Google Play Store.

App is quiet intuitive and easy to use. Appmover does image recognition, just like Google goggles. Once scan is complete, it lists out all the identified apps alongside their similar titles available in the Google Play Store (formerly Android Market).

Find Android equivalent apps on iPhone / iOS / iPad

Well it does the opposite too. Appmover lookups apps installed on you Android device and display related matches on iOS’s App Store. This list of all apps can be sent your iPhone / iOS device via email.

The app is engenius for friends sharing apps discovery, which is often the topic of discussion when two smartphone users meet.

Tips for using appMover effectively:

  • Appmover is in beta stage, so you must be little careful while using it.
  • Use a dark background (preferably, a completely black wallpaper) on iPhone / iOS device while scanning apps from Android.
  • You can scan whole homescreen, containing several apps, instead of few at a time.
  • Make sure homescreen being scanned has at least 4 apps.
  • For android app discovery, launch appmover on your Android, place your Android device about 15cm over the iPhone, hit the ‘Start the analysis now’button in the bottom, and wait for the scan to complete.
  • Hold phone firmly, avoid shakes while iPhone screen is being scanned
  • Tapping an app icon takes you to the app’s Play Store screen.
  • Its not very reliable, it can make mistakes, it would definitely get better with time.

The appmover is a great proof of concept, and we hope that final version of Appmover would be well polished without hiccups that it currently has.

Download appmover For Android [Play Store] FREE

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