Firefox 4 Android, Maemo : Fastest Browser

firefox4-mobileMozilla is doing well with Firefox 4, planning to release Firefox 4 stable to both desktops and mobile at the same time somewhere in early next year.

The latest release of Firefox 4 Beta for mobile is now available for download in 10 languages on your Android, Maemo device.

Since the last alpha version, lots of bugs have been fixed, with lots memory optimizations, improved text rendering and a 60% install size reduction on Android (from around 43 MB to 17 MB).

The new version also includes a new theme that gives Firefox a fresh new look, also giving you the ability to easily share links with your friends.

There are lots of optimizations that make this version of Firefox fast in Actions like panning and zooming are faster and smoother. On Android 2.2, Firefox 4 is now 25% faster on the SunSpider Javascript benchmark than the stock browser.


What’s coming next is hardware acceleration to make scrolling and zooming even faster and HTML5 video. Working is also in progress to improve browser responsiveness while its active with Firefox Sync.

Try out the beta version, Go Mobile.

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