First iPhone 3GS Game with OpenGL ES Support

iPhone 3G S came with a promise. Promise of being the fastest iPhone ever. The speed improvement was supposed to push Graphics as well. With the support for OpenGL ES 2.0, it promises to deliver great gaming experience.
We have seen lots of 3D Games on iPhone, But there hadn’t been any dedicated game that could leverage OpenGL capability and show a remarkable difference.

Recently, a software shop called Eurocenter is touting that its newly-released Adrenaline Golf is the first game to take the full advantage of the 3GS’ added graphics capabilities.

But it’s hard to comment on it because we can’t verify that no other application in App Store hasn’t utilized OpenGL ES 2.0 in some way or the other.

But the differnce clearly popped-out to eyes, when you try this game on 3GS vs. 3G or 2G.

The graphics are way too richer and smooth. They look to have a better resolution and better anti-aliasing techniques.

This game actually chooses the correct graphics engine at runtime, hence it works on all verison of iPhone, iPod Touch.

Checkout the video by engadget: Observer the difference in 3GS-exclusive graphics specially water reflections.

Truth: Rocking Pocket’s Blue Skies has had 3GS-specific enhancements for a while now. So there are two games that currently leverage the potential of OpenGL on 3GS and iPod Touch. Though this game isn’t that graphics rich. That leaves EuroTech, again, first in the race.

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