Skyfire brings Flash on iOS: iPhone, iPad

Flash might have been a far dream for iOS devices, but projects like Frash on iPad, Frash on iPhone 4, hopes had been set.

Now, a new Apple-approved iPhone and iPad mobile browser from a startup company, converts video from Adobe Flash to HTML5, making all flash video viewable on iOS devices.

The new Skyfire browser, had been on Android since a while now, and had been doing great with Skyfire 2.0, launched in May 2010, has more than 1.5 million downloads on handsets running Android OS.

“Like the Android version, Skyfire for iOS isn’t a standalone application, but rather a tool that works on top of Apple’s Safari Web browser,” cnnMoney said. “As a result, the company said the app was given a rather rigorous review from Apple, but it was approved in less than two months. Apple did not return a request for comment on why it approved Skyfire for its App Store.”

The application tricks apple’s iron wall of  “No Adobe Flash” by cross-compiling Flash runnable to HTML5 using  Skyfire’s servers. When a user visits a page with Flash, they see a selectable thumbnail which then allows the content to be streamed directly to the iOS device, negating the need for Flash.

However, this method fails for games, as they involve interaction. Also, apparently Hulu won’t work as they have blocked Skyfire. Every other video should work great.

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