Flickr Hacks: Top 10 Tips and Tricks

Flickr is the most popular photo-sharing service. There’s a lot you can do with your Flickr account using some Tips from us which includes use of 3rd party applications to get your job done.

1. Download Photos from Flickr

There are few apps that let you download Flickr photos in a snap.  Flickr Down (for windows), Mac and Linux users  Flump.

2. Create Embeddable Slideshow (for blogs, forums)

FlickrSlideshow, Flash Slideshow let’s you quickly create slide-show from a photostream you specify it. It can be your favourites, and frien’d sstream or even your own selected photos. It makes it easy to embed them inside any forum, blog. other good ones are FlickrInFlickrSlidr.

3. Bulk Upload Images, Videos

jUploader is a cross-platform java based tool that lets you bulk upload images to various photo services including Flickr. It’s fast and smooth. If you are a Firefox user, you can try Uploadr too.

For videos you can try Uploadr.

4. Best Flickr Search Engine

Inbuilt Flickr search is limited in various ways. Switch to PictureSandbox.

5. Advanced Image Search

Google does offer a pretty advanced image search in which search criteria can vary from resolutions to color scheme of the picture. Such things can be done with Flickr too using MultiColr, it does a good job in searching for color schemes within Flickr photos.

For advanced shapes search, try Retrievr, you can draw a sketch of the smiley face and this tool will try to retrieve pictures that match your sketch. It couldn’t be better than this.

6. Copyrighting, Watermarking

If you plan to copyright or protec your images from theft, you can consider watermarking them. But, editing each image in Photoshop or GIMP could be tedious. The best way out is to use inbuilt Picni or an advanced one like PicMarkr.

7. Flickr Wallpapers

Did you find some cool High resolution image that you might be interested in setting as wallpaper? No problem, Switcher to the rescue.  It lets you  change your desktop background at specified intervals taking pictures from Flickr – based on user, tags, or some other criteria.

8. Fun with Flickr

If you are Firefox addict, you might have already heard of cooliris – the addon that let’s you view your photos in 3D.

Other fun apps include BigHugeLabs, PimpAmPum and Dumpr. All of them offer a nice collection of Flickr toys for you to do fun stuff with Flickr picture.

9. More..

60+ tools, to enhance your experience.

10. Developer API:

The best and native one is still Fllickr REST aPI. It’s pretty easy to use and implement in web applications. I made an application based on JavaFX using Flickr API that makes a smart Web gallery, infact, I use it as my main image gallery. The basic goes around the REST call:{apiKey}&per_page={thunbLayout.count}

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