Flying Cars now a Reality

The long fantasized Flying cars are finally becoming a reality as Terrafugia’s Flying car hits the consumers.

To be honest, you won’t be able to take off from your street, but you’ll be able to drive it to the nearest airport. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) gave the final green flag long pending on the Firs Flying Car.

The flying car would be available on road starting early 2012, amazing everyone on road and sky alike.

Terrafugia’s Transition car had to pass the tests set by NHTSA which involves quality check for  the type of tires and windscreen the Transition will use as a land vehicle. The tires are rated for highway speeds and the windshield is made of polycarbonate materials instead of automotive safety glass to save weight and prevent shattering in a bird strike.

Its the first (light airplane) to incorporate automotive safety features such as a purpose-built energy absorbing crumple zone, a rigid carbon fiber occupant safety cage, and automotive-style driver and passenger airbags.

The wings unwind out and gets ready in under 2 minutes. The wings span an area of nearly 26 feet, occupying a width of 90 inches, enough to fly this car a distance of 500 miles.

This car may not be the one revolutionary flying car from the future but it would surely pave the way into the future.

You would endup paying $250,000 for this transition. All you need is driving license and sport pilot license or higher and you are ready to fly this thing. Get your reservations done here.

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