GlideOS: Free Cloud OS, GDrive 30GB

Thanks to the rising cloud fever, you don’t have to carry your data: music, documents, movies, photos and more. On the other side, Popular Cloud processing solutions like Google’s App Engine and Microsoft Azure offer Cloud processing for hosting different services.

We may not see GDrive coming out ever, but here is something even better.

One step further in Cloud computing is the Cloud OS. No, we are not talking about Chrome OS or Jolicloud OS likes but rather an Operating System that has a thinner client: a browser. There are several such offerings in the market that let you create a desktop environment hosted on a cloud service. The best one that comes for free is: GlideOS.

GlideOS is a Flash based Application that runs in your browser and simulates a complete desktop environment for which all the application processing happens in the cloud. What’s more? GDrive. To make it easier for us to get our files synced up with the cloud, Glide provides a desktop client for Windows, Mac, Linux (RPM), and Solaris/OpenSolaris (yes, really!). There’s also a mobile portalwhich you can access from just about any smartphone.

They recently upgrade the free package to 30GB — 30x times more than Google Docs. Further, 250GB for $50US per year — the same price gets you 200GB from Google.

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But there is a limitation: Glide doesn’t allow just any file – their storage is restricted to media and documents, so you won’t be uploading things like installers and archives, other files.

Seems like a good deal for people with smaller form factor devices like netbooks or even for people who want data on the move.

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  • timesheep

    Meh well, Eye OS is quite better. Problem is that you need to host it yourself :/
    I loved it when i tried running it localhost, but i went sad when i figured out my webhotel didnt support it );

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  • lodepois

    FTP support to upload
    Unlimited filesize and BW
    60 days of retention (if no download)
    100% FREE 😉

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