The Future Input Device: Your Skin

hand sensor inputResearchers have been working hard on inventing new modes of Input. The new way in which we would interact with Computers, and mobiles. Unlike other modes of Input we’ve seen in the past, this could be a game changer.

Chris Harrison and a team of researchers are showing off a method of  “Using your Arm, Hand and Skin as an input device“.

They have been able to workout a technique that detects where the tap touches and use that to control phones and music players and computers. As a result, An arm band worn by the user picks up acoustic signatures created by tapping on your arm with the other hand, or taping your fingers and thumb together on the same hand. They’re achieving accuracies in the 82-97% range but it gets even better.

“The human body is the ultimate input device,” said Chris Harrison who had been working on the project after experimenting with similar other like Scratch Input to control PC, music, etc.

Watch the video after the break to understand the Power of this new Magical mode of input:

Most of the gadgets seen today cannot be shrinked further coz they would become non-usable to human hands. But this technology when moulded into a finished device, would be far smaller than the bulky prototype and hence the only way to shrink.

The sensors could be coupled with Bluetooth to control a gadget, such as a mobile phone, in a pocket. It could be used to control a music player strapped to the upper arm.

So, in the future your hand could be your iPhone and your handset could be watch-sized on your wrist.

[via skinput]

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  • After since the usage of this technology human being will start to step in the era of robotic life style.

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