Gaming on iPhone 4S [A5 Graphics vs. Tegra2]

We’ve said this before, and now re-iterating the fact that best feature of iPhone 4S is its camera & GPU. The new graphics processor is quiet powerful for rendering complex graphics.

From what we know about A5 from iPad 2, the embedded GPU is quiet powerful and beats dual core phones like Samsung Galaxy SII. SGS2 sports Exonys processor,which is not as powerful as Nvidia Tegra2. So, its pretty much to be seen if iPhone 4s’s A5 can beat Tegra2 GPU. Having played Tegra 2 games on my Galaxy Tab 10.1, I definitely feel Tegra 2 is quiet powerful with games that are designed exclusively for the Tegra platform.

However, Linpack benchmark gives us a totally different story: A5 on iPad 2 beats the hell out of Tegra 2 on Galaxy Tab & Xoom. However, in the real world Gaming on Tegra2 has that PC level feel to them, we hope to see the same in smaller form factor A5 device, iPhone 4S.

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In both CPU and GPU performance Apple’s A5 processor left NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 in the dust, performing at least 2x faster and sometimes even 5x faster. So, the answer to the initial question – Apple is not only able to compete with other chipmakers, but as of now they have the best ARM dual-core processor on the market.

Firemint is teasing us with their latest game designed for iPhone 4s: Real Racing 2. Other than superb graphics, it can streaming not just one device to your big screen, but four — four-player streaming over AirPlay. The apps’ upcoming “Party Play” feature lets an iPad 2 or iPhone 4S play host to up to three additional iOS devices running the game, piping the stream for all four to your boob tube via Apple TV. The update also promises to make the most of the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S’A5 processor, kicking the graphics up a notch.

Apple demoed Infinity Blade 2 at the launch event, the graphics look breathtaking. the dynamic lighting is one of the best we’ve seen on phones, so far.

Update: Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime Tegra 3 vs A5 iPad2.

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    Whoever wrote this is truly stupid, i have a Tegra 2 device but everyone knows Exynos (which this writer is too retarded to spell) beat the hell out of it. Go use an Atrix 2 and a GS2 then tell me which is worse.

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