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The year 2016, has been a breakthrough year for smartphones. We witnessed dozens of new smartphones hitting the shelves: some scored at one outstanding feature while a few came in a overall satiating package. And a few dwindled at various stages of smartphone life cycle (and Galaxy Note 7 is not the ONLY one).
For better or for worse, the year 2016 saw a lot many smartphones release this year.
For ease of choosing, weve broadly categoriesed phones into categories, hence helping you choose best or worst phones in each. Categories may seem to be running into each other, but the intension is to catch the mindset of users from all walks of life.

1. Apple iPhone 7 Plus
2. Samsung Galaxy S7
3. Google Pixel
Although we voted the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 as the best performance phone but due to its untimely demise we are ranking its kin at second spot. The competition among the between best performance phones has been cut throat in literal terms. The performance of Top 3 listed above is constituted by best combo of hardware and software. Perhaps when the smartphone is at conceptualizing stage, the objectives of high performance begin to lost on the way.

We try to carve a category of phones with screen sizes bigger than 4.5 inches and go upto mammoth-ish 7 inches. A bigger screen pushed the phone size, parallelly allowing for bigger battery and hence lasting for days. The year 2016 saw phones screens achieving bigger sizes than ever before, the industry assumed standard 4.5 inch screen left in hind sight.
1. Samsung Galaxy S7 edge
2. LG V20 – features 5.7 inch main screen and secondary front screen
3. Galaxy Note 7 – best phone, big (busty) battery and best high res screen and stylus (S-pen)
Another worth mention phone is the Moto Z Play, which offers upto 8 hours display time with high brightness. The average user looks at their screen for max 2 hrs per day, a power user maybe be for 4 hrs. with Moto Z Play, you’ll not reach out for your charger for atleast 2 days of normal use.

Compact size is the one that snugs into your hand nicely and to a certain extent allows for one-hand operation (big hands). 4.7 inch has been recognized as the perfect fit during 2016.
1. Apple iPhone 7 – best apple phone yet for real. Best performer yet efficient chip and much faster
2. Google Pixel – best google phone available in market. Perfect sync between Hardware and Software. Good battery and RAM specs

While the margin between the top best camera smartphones for 2016 is thin, hands-down Google Pixel and Pixel XL have made it to the top and still retain the position. Apple iPhone 7 Plus is barely an inch away. Google managed to take on Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” with Low Light shots which are just wonderful and have saturated colors. While HTC was a pioneer, Apple iPhone 7 Plus takes dual camera feature to a whole new level. Samsung Galaxy S7 isn’t left behind, it has the fastest focus capability.
1. Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL – both sport same camera
2. Apple iPhone 7 Plus, while iPhone 7 isn’t far behind
3. Samsung Galaxy S7

Yes, they are cheap on cost, they deliver near-flagship experience. The recently launched One Plus 3T is best budget flagship phone which delivers at par performance. It has almost stock Android (Oxygen) experience, finger print sensor, long lasting Battery and unique Dash charge. 6GB RM is awesome, making it future proof. One Plus 3 is almost similar sibling and costs less than the 3T.
1. One Plus 3T and One Plus 3
2. Motorola Moto G4
3. Huawei Honor 8

Google Pixel

Google Pixel

A big battery doesn’t always imply long lasting phone. The hardware and software combo has to be working together to achieve a long life. Ranking these phones in a sequence might be unjustified where all of these have varied battery specs, yet they surpass battery life standards.
• Google Pixel XL (3450 mAh) – much more optimized for battery use
Apple iPhone 7 (2900 mAh) – Smallest battery of the lot, yet the charismatic iOS 10 and A 10 chip make sur eit does not loose the race to big battery warlocks
• Samsung Galaxy S7 active (4000 mAh) – Samsung’s flank entry to kill battery competition
• Moto Z Play (3510 mAh) – pure Android experience, good build quality gives you 6 hrs battery life

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