Get Google Assistant for your Android Phone – Smart Hack

Google Assistant was announced at the launch event of Google Pixel on May 18, 2016 and since then is being slowly rolled out to a few non-Pixel devices. As the time passes Google will be rolling out the Assistant feature to all phones with Android 5.x and later.

However for the restless lot, there is quicker way too. You can get the Google Assistant on your Android phone right now!

Move to Google Playstore on your phone, and search for “Google Allo”. It is an instant messaging App like WhatsApp, LINE, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, etc. This App, also called “Smart Messaging App” by Google comes with ‘smart reply’ functionality and Google Assistant.

So when you install Google Allo, you automatically get Google Assistant in-built. The Assistant can suggest restaurants nearby or tell you about latest movies. All this takes place within the conversation window. You just need to add “@google” as prefix to your message and you & your friend get replies instantly within the chat window. The Google Assistant also helps you with directions to your places of interest and seek answers together with your friends.

For Example: Just type “When does my flight leave”. As you would have received your flight booking confirmation in your Gmail inbox, Google Assistant would fetch the answer from there and give you your flight details real-time. Something similar to Google Now, it gets more personalized and vocal with the Google Assistant.

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