Get Google+ Circles on Facebook, Organize Friends

There are more than 50 reasons to love Google+ and some of them have already started to hover around facebook.

You can get the beautiful Google Plus Circles on Facebook to manage your friends pretty easily.

Circles brings a simple drag and drop interface, making creating and modifying lists an absolute breeze. Circles reduces the pain that you get because of ever growing friend-list. Even Facebook’s Zuckerberg once said – ‘nobody wants to make lists’. But Google did it right, and why not Facebook can Haz easy lists?

A new web-app aims to bring both Google Plus’s Circles and Facebook’s lists together. Circles Hack, works well for what its designed. All you have to do is allow the app to take control of your credentials and within seconds, all your friends in boxes at the top of the screen, and a number of Circles across the bottom to which you can drag and drop friends.

Facebook’s lists had been very unpopular till now. We believe with circle hack coming to the platform, facebook users would start creating them more easily than ever.

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