Get Widgets, Shortcuts in iPhone Notification Center without Jailbreak

Why should only Jailbreakers have all the fun? Apps and modifications are making their way to unmodified iOS devices, and noobs can now rejoice.

A new app allows Non-jailbroken iPhone and iPod touch devices to add weather and stocks widgets in Notification Center.

speed u

Speed U

Speed U, like NC widgets on Jailbroken phones, makes it possible to pin shortcuts for calling or texting anyone, launching an app, toggles like Wifi, GPS, Flashlight and more.

Speed U actually provides notifications that are persistent in your Notification Center, and this makes them look like normal widgets.

App is pretty easy to use, here are few hints to help you get started:

App Action: From this section of Speed U, you can create a shortcut for any app installed on your iPhone. However, stock apps are not supported by Speed U.
Speed Dial: Just select a contact, and Speed U will create a shortcut for calling them with a single tap.
Text Message: Similar to speed dial, but for sending texts.
Launch Website: Lets you define a website’s URL along with a custom title, so that you can visit the page any time you want.
Speed Email: Opens the Mail app with the chosen contact set as recipient.
Flash Light: Through this option you can use the camera LED as a flashlight.
Brightness Settings: A simple slider to adjust screen brightness.
QR Code Scanner: Launches Speed U’s own QR scanner.

App doesn’t set any restrictions but Max of 5 widgets/shortcuts can appear at a time in Notification Center. You can enter Edit Mode by swiping upwards from the bottom of the screen, and drag your 5 favorite shortcuts to top positions. Because its persistent Notification, you’re better off switching of Banner notifications for this app.

Speed U is free of cost via App Store, grab it while its free.

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