Get SMS, Incoming Call Alerts on Chrome [Android]

chrome-sms-androidIts easy to miss important phone calls, SMS just because your phone is lying away from your work area. You can of course take control over Android phone via Gtalk, but what if you just want it for important phone calls, sms?

MightyText (formerly Texty) has created an android app that can push notification to your Chrome browser whenever a new sms arrives or you receive a phone call. The SMS is fully synced (two-ways) between the android device and the chrome browser.

The part we love about MightyText is that an incoming SMS messages appear on your screen as a pop-up, giving you the option to read and reply to them without touching the phone. The conversation with your contacts are shown in different threads, just like in some of the native apps on android or iphone, along with full call logs. And of course, its also a good way to backup your sms, call logs, without doing any extra work.


The application is in its beta stages and you can apply for a beta preview here. The app only works with Chrome and Anrdoid 2.2+ device. Go ahead and apply for the beta, you may want to retweet their message to get faster invites.

UPDATE: People are apparently going crazy over the app. I was lucky to nab one early on, but they are trying to accommodate everyone as fast as they can. I’ve been using it for a bit now and it is seriously awesome.

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