Google and Intel will together fight for Chrome OS, MIDs

Till date Microsoft had close partnership with Intel for their systems and the collaborations was often known as WINTEL (Windows-Intel). This trend is going to gear up to another level as a result of partnership of Intel with Google for Chrome OS.

Now, sources say that Google approached Intel a while back to work together closely, to design Chrome OS suited for Intel architecture. The reason is but obvious, nearly 80% of the PCs/Notebooks/Netbooks are equipped with Intel processors.

Google has plans for release of Chrome Os in later half of 2010, with the first phase targetting to capture Netbook market, and eventually they will target NoTebooks and desktop PCs. On Netbooks, Intel Atom processor is a clear majority, capturing 97% of the market. So its pretty justified why Google chose Intel. Though there is a twist over this. Intel already had been working on a Portable computer OS called the Moblinfor it’s so called MIDs. Intel had been working over this OS for the last 6 months atleast. Intel wants to target Mobile devices. They are serious on getting Atom processor to the mobile platform.

Google made no mention of Intel in a blog posting earlier this week when it named companies already working with the Chrome OS. The list includes PC vendors HP, Acer and Lenovo and mobile phone chip makers Qualcomm, Texas Instruments and Freescale Semiconductor. Chrome OS  is being  developed as Linux-based operating system for heavy Internet users.

Today, most of the smartphones run on ARM architecture. ARM is good on battery power but limited in the processing side. With Intel taking Atom processors to Mobiles, they can pump the capacity of the mobile devices to run Typical “Desktop applications” on their phones.

Strategy from Intel and Google seems to be converging, and It’s quiet evident that their vision of MIDs can converge innovation that can lead to much more powerful portable devices for the future. What would we call it ChroIntel or Googintel ?

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