Google Earth To Help Fight Deforestation

Google Earth has been put into more litigations rather than being looked from a positive side. In past, we ure have taken infinite benefits of Google Maps but none among them were as interesting as the current finding.

Today’s announcement at the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen could be a real game-changer, especially in South America and Australia, where deforestation is a serious issue.

As fastcompany reports:

The prototype system, could, for example, allow users to show forest cover and deforestation over time in Rondonia, Brazil from 1986-2008 in just seconds. This type of computation normally takes days or weeks, but the massive horsepower of Google’s data centers makes the information much more quickly. In practical terms, that means police investigators can get to the root of illegal logging activity quickly, and activist groups like Greenpeace could call out logging operations in real-time. The system could also be used in the proposed UN REDD program, which might pay developing countries to cut down on deforestation

Areas suffering from deforestation, including illegal logging, can be analyzed and detected instantly, with Google’s ultra-fast satellite imagery-processors turning out reports that could be handed over to the government or anti-forestation groups. Normally, with the current technology it could take days and weeks before such information becomes useful. But thanks to Google’s prestigious investment in Google Earth, they’re the perfect company to help tackle the growing problem with it’s advanced systems.

What do you think?

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