Google I/O 2010 Expectations, Speculations

Google I/O, One of the biggest developer’s conference from Google kickstarts wednesday, 19th May.

Enthusiasts are speculating announcements Google will make this season to heat up the market. To summarize, we expect to see next version of Android with Adobe Flash support, and a new set-top box for your TV plus few new things with Google Apps.

At Google I/O 2009, they announced the Google Wave, which later became most hyped web app of the year.

Google I/O’s Keynote Address kicks off the nerd festivities starting at 9 a.m. Pacific Time on Wednesday, with a second keynote scheduled for Thursday at 8:30 a.m. Pacific: Watch Google I/O 2010 Live Keynote

Top Google I/O 2010 Expectations/Speculations

Android Flash Love
Google clearly isn’t bothered by Apple’s ignorance and ditching Flash Player, Google is all set to announce Flash Player 10.1 running on an Android devices. Flash 10.1 brings new multitouch support to the smartphones, something which Steve Jobs had complained about.

Android 2.2 Froyo: It’s sweet!

This is no rumor, its confirmed, Google will announce the release date for the next iteration of the Android mobile operating system, Android 2.2, codenamed Froyo. Donut, Cupcake, and Eclair and now Froyo. Android Froyo is said to feature USB tethering that allows your Android device to become a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, and most important — big performance boost over current versions of Android.

Google TV
April end, we saw first rumors around the Google’s plan to take on TVs. It is said that they would be unveiling a new  Google TV set-top box project, which is believed to be Android-based and will attempt on merging your television with the Web: browser + popular social applications. The first Google TV set-top box is said to be a partnership between Google, Intel, Logitech, and Sony. Google might release a SDK for third-party programmers to create Google TV applications during I/O.

Google Wave
I don’t see anyone using Google Wave today, but most industry evangelists (so do I)  believe that it has a big potential, and that’s why Google is still working hard on Wave, the future of real-time collaboration. The fact is, Google has been silently tweaking Wave with capability to embed a Website into a Wave, e-mail notifications and improved Wave extensions.

At the Google I/O, six Wave-specific sessions have been scheduled. It’s a good bet that Google will be announcing something Wave-related at Google I/O this year that will revive the lost reputation.

Google Apps
Microsoft  wants you to upgrade to Office 2010, but with less than a month to go before Microsoft battles Google Docs for the productivity cloud, expect Google to use its developer conference to do some Google Apps grandstanding.

We’ve seen some great feature additions to Google Docs in recent months by making them more like their desktop counter-parts PLUS real-time collaboration. In addition, Google Apps for Business will soon include 90 different Google Web applications.

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