Google buys Real-Time Video Conferencing for Android

Google announced that it would acquire Global IP Solutions Holding, a large provider of the VOIP engine that powers Yahoo, AOL, WebEx and Lotus conferencing. Why? The Plan is to bring Video conferencing to Android.

Google has bought the company at $68.2 million, not a bad deal for the kind of VOIP innovation the Global IP solutions had been holding.

Apart from running Real-Time Video conferencing to Android,  it could also create a Skype-competitor by adding video capabilities to Google Voice, just like GTalk but would work with desktops and mobiles, alike. This service can somehow be coupled with Gizmo5 acquisition to enable powerful VoIP and video conferencing across all kinds of devices (IP phones, IMs, Cellphones). To extend it, Google could offer the developers the API to leverage the potential to create next level of applications that would add communications to Webapps, and even to corporate Google Apps.

Yesterday, Google launched a new version of Google’s Feed API, which will push updates directly to a user’s browser. No more refreshing pages to see when new content is available – the real-time web comes to you live, nearly instantly as soon as it’s published. Same is the fate of Video conferencing.

An API from Google incorporating this real-time video communication, pushing content in the same way as it will with its Feed API, would further enable endless possibilities.

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  • Maybe I'm missing something but seems as if new hardware with front and back cameras has to happen before video chat comes to an Android phone.

    Ever Brite Smile

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