Google building a Social Network: Emerald Sea [Google+1]

Google surely fears Facebook’s domination of the web and that’s why it is developing its own version of  Social network to be debuted as Google +1 or “Emerald Sea”.

Google will change the final product’s name, eventually as it matures till that time, we’ll call it “Google Plus One”.

TechCrunch’s source suggests another possible name Google is considering: “@Google” or “At Google”. More interesting than the name though is who is said to be taking a very active role in the development, the co-founder,  Sergey Brin.

Sources claim that “there is still a lot of grumbling” surrounding the project internally. This seems to sync up with previous reports of internal disagreement that has led to delays. Google VP Vic Gundotra has been leading the project.

Its is said that at this stage Google +1 appears in the form of a toolbar that exists across many of Google’s services, works with Chrome web browser (not confirmed news if it works with others, I bet it should). Few believe that it is powered by a chrome extension.

Lets hope Google gets it right, this time with +1, and we get the social network which is secure and maintains user privacy, and we will be out of the mess Facebook has created for years.

via TechCrunch

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