Google to Revamp Adsense, 6 other products upgraded

Google follows the policy of contnous-improvement. It never sits back and wait for the competition to beat it. This strategy has made google survive for years and will continue to. There have been a number of updates in Google products over the last few days. Ordered by thedecreasing impact:

Adsense updates:

It’s been years since Adsense came into market, and kicked everyone else to the corners.
There are news based on facts that Google is testing a new ad format that could revamp the familiar look and feel of a Google search page.

Google advertisers in the U.S. are being given the opportunity to try out “product ads” that will let them put a lot more information in their ad than fits inside the current text-ad boxes on Google search pages.

Unlike standard ads, advertisers in this program will bid on the commission they wish to pay Google for actual sales that occur on the advertiser’s Web site, rather than what they want to pay when a potential customer clicks on that ad. The ads will be submitted in the same way companies submit free listings to Google Product Search or Google Shopping through Google Base, but unlike those listings Google says it will provide “prominent placements” for ads submitted through this program.

Google in their Blog, Blogoscoped, has the full e-mail sent to potential advertisers, which identifies the program as a “beta” and describes the ads as such:

“Google product ads will feature product specific information directly in the ad such as price and product image. During the beta program, Google will be testing to identify the most effective ad formats.”

Also, they now allow you to Change the font size for your ad display units.

Other Google Product Updates:

Google has updated several other products over the last few days. This includes:

– Google Flash Indexing – The googlebot will now index external content sources used in SWF files.

– A microblogging search engine may be coming soon to Google, according to the unofficial Google Operating System blog. This would compete with Twitter search as well as Facebook’s new search tests.

– Custom Search Automatic Transilteration – You can type in one language but see results in another.

– Google Webmaster Central – Reconsideration requests now come with notifications so you’ll know where you’re at in the process.

– Google Maps and Transit – 7 new agencies have been added.

– Google Book Search – Got a makeover, including embedded links, book search within each book, thumbnail view, content drop-down menu, plain text mode, page turn button and animation, and an updated book overview page.

Google survived  the competition and will continue to do so by evolving over time.

Source: Wallstreetjournal, cnet, searchenginewatch

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