Google Wave is Not Dead, It just Transformed

“Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only be transformed from one state to another”

Researchers claim that Tech companies fail at Social networking.  But that doesn’t mean all the innovation goes waste. So far, so true, for Google.

Google Wave is one the most innovative collaboration tools on the web. Despite all the killer stuff it has been cooked with, it all bottled down to how well the product was marketed. Google Wave could be declared as the one of the biggest Failures Google ever had. But Google likes to celebrate its failures, coz there aren’t that many.

The search giant says the technology behind its ill-fated collaboration tool will live on in new products that have not yet been announced. While the speculations have already started, Google isn’t giving any hints. CEO Eric Schmidt recently said the Wave team would be moving over to other products that are “like Wave but applied in some other areas,”

Google may not say it, but the industry has been talking about The Facebook competitor: Google Me.

It is said that Google me would be a hybrid of all the previously unpopular products: Google Buzz, Orkut, and Google Wave. All of them are incomplete, but together, if merged nicely, can challenge Facebook’s capabilities.

All the hard work that has gone into Wave, lives on with Future Google Apps. The extensions built on wave would work, as is, on Future apps. Developers who’ve already put time and energy into developing for Wave Extensions have nothing to fear all those apps would get into a new social network that could include apps for travel or event planning, games and image editing, and what not.

Live Gmail, Google Docs? Why Not!

Wave could re-invent popular google products like GMail by giving it some awesome REaltime collaboration features. Imagine replaying a threaded conversation, Google Docs or even as a photo-sharing tool in Picasa.

There’s nothing bad about Killing apps

“This is typical Google-like behavior. They aren’t shy about killing projects that don’t hit their expectations,” said Dan Olds, an analyst with The Gabriel Consulting Group. “I don’t think that users really got it when it came to Wave. But this was a good learning experience for Google. They now know they need to bring a more fully baked product to the market. They also have to clearly articulate why users should jump on board. I don’t think this is Google’s last run at social networking. There are rumors about a new product — Google Me — that looks to be their next shot at this market.”

Can Google Takeon Facebook?

Everyone would welcome new set of Features knocking the doors of  existing popular Google Apps. But what happens to the new Social network, Google Me? Will Google Takeon facebook?

“Why not? Facebook is making itself an easy target,” says Enderle. “I think Google will go down this path and it’s probably closer to what Google should be doing anyway. It’s a Web property. The social networking aspect of the Web is more closely related to search than almost any other successful thing out there.”

In contrast, it isn’t as easy as it might look at the first sight. Social networking is a tough vicious Game. When Google launches this new Social network, it will have to have a feature-packed tool that is easy to use, secure, and be highly scalable. Last part is not ahrd for companies like google, but what happens to other points?  Building this ground is much harder than it seems. If it had been that easy, Today you might have seen 100s of Facebooks, already beating the original.

Will Google be able to make a difference? Lets hope they do.

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