Google: “We thought we were Under Attack, when MJ died”

Sometimes normal things appear un-usual when you go too techie about life. The best example is from yesterday’s event. When news of Michael Jackson’s death arrived, there were millions of searches on it. And guess what, Google said that it received so many search queries for the late singer’s name on Thursday that it thought it was being targeted by an automated distributed denial of service attack (DDOS).

For those who don’t know what is DDOS, It can be assumed as of a planned distributed (from all around the world) potential large no. of requests to a server so that it reaches its peek capacity and thereby denying any future ongoing Service to literally bring the server to its knees.

As a response to the “Mistaken” Attack, Google denied some searchers looking for Michael Jackson for up to 25 minutes till the situation was confirmed by one of the engineers peeping at the news.

Another Impact was on google news which reported a wrong news of a Malware that attacks Google!

Strange and funny!

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