Governments use Facebook to Spy on Citizens

Our Governments are getting smarter with growing age of the web. They are now employing more and more mechanisms to monitor citizens online, thanks to the social network addictions.

Government has shifted its older ways of monitoring traditional landlines, phone calls, to cell phones and email, while they try to hunt down the criminals and terrorists.

We don’t care about this, coz its for our own safety at the cost of privacy that remains in the hands of officials behind closed doors. But the truth is, giving backdoor access to governments make a business’ data more vulnerable to the bad guys as well.

Which Countries spy on citizens?

Governments in US, UK and EU already monitor citizen’s mode of communications.

How do they do it?

Government may not peek into everything, but the most relevant data like: Email subject lines, mobile phone GPS locations, call histories. Trust me, this data dtogether makes up piles of data that is sent for monitoring to governments.

Julian Assange, head of WikiLeaks,  stated that tech companies, such as Facebook, are so accessible to US intelligence agencies that they act as de facto information gathering sources. You would be surprised to knwo the facts shown in the video below:

EU is working with several telecom giants to assist them in establishing automated data mining for mobiles, email, social networks, etc. This data, however, is not accessible to any human, a unless required. Mostly smart algorithms would determine suspicious activity before they are put under scrutiny.

Backdoors that grant access to the FBI or NSA also serve as tempting targets for everyone else. Whether they are exploited for identity theft, or used to coordinate concentrated cyber attacks from other nations, wiretapping access is a proven weak point in telecommunication security.

Here’s another news video on the topic:

How secure is your online information? Depends on how much attention you’ve gained by posting an update to the web.

via NYtimes

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