Xbox 360 Slim hacked to Play Pirated Games

The latest Xbox, Xbox 360 S/Slim has been modded to accomodate provision of downloading Games images from various torrents, burn them onto a DVD and run them on your console.

Although, this is priracy, on the positive side it allows users to abckup their gaming discs in case of damages. But that reason would never appeal Microsoft much, as its more of a threat than  feature.

New Xbox 360 Slim (or S) had a newsecurity mechanism to get over exsting mods/hacks, But, hackers have managed to hack Xbox 360 S / Slim to run writable discs.

Watch the video after the break

These hackers call themselves Team Xecuters, and claim to have hacked the DVD drive of the new Xbox 360 to play writable discs as seen in the video above.

Pirates would now love to see those Xbox 360 Kinect games getting more open.

Stay tuned @taranfx,  hack is coming out soon.

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