Handson: JellyBean Google Voice Search [Video]

Well, you might have already seen Siri vs. Jellybean Google Search in action, clearly Google knocks iOS off. But here comes something which showcases the real capability of this engine.

Well, Jean Louis threw wide set of random 40 Questions to Google Voice Search (Jellybean) and results were astounding:
Basically, it was able to solve almost anything you throw to it, anything from:

  • Stocks
  • Sports
  • Mathematics
  • logical reasoning
  • directions
  • phone operations: switch on/off wifi, etc.
  • Geographies, history
  • TV/ movie info
  • Any Biography part of an Artist /performer/ celebrity
  • Who’s who
  • Show pictures for anything
  • Computer science
  • and More…



Some generic observations:

1. Google will give you walking or driving directions directly, if you specify it. Asking for transit or biking directions does not work at the moment.

2. Google is able to distinguish how ‘long’ a bridge is in length vs. how ‘long’ a movie is in duration. That’s assuming the data already exists in the KG.

3. Local search, coupled with auto-correct, is able to properly locate and spell ‘Worcester Mass’ and ‘Wooster College’, even though these places are in different states and can be pronounced the same way (or at least, I did).

4. In order for answer cards to work properly, everything on your device (and the Google Now app) must be set to US English. More languages will be available soon.

All in all, Siri was evolutionary, Google Voice search is the Revolutionary thing we had been waiting for.

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