Apple planning for HighEnd Gaming on iPhone 4G

As per the latest job posting at Apple’s job portal, they are looking for a Hardcore Game developer on the mobile platform.

The Job description doesn’t say “games” specifically, focusing instead on “interactive multimedia experiences.” However, the ad is looking for someone with “3-4 years of video game development experience,” someone who has “shipped at least one AAA title,” and someone who is a “passionate gamer.”

We all know iPhone is such a great platform for gaming, and it has already made dedicated devices like Nintendo DS, PSP look obsolete. And thanks to the phenomenal iPhone SDK partnership, iPhone today has Games from all the Big players.

In such a scenario, where 1000s of games exist, why would Apple recruit Game developers? One of the possible reasons is that Apple wants to ship bundled games with iPhone’s next Firmware. But that doesn’t make sense nor do they need to advance current OpenGL support for iPhone 3GS. What else could it be? Profit making in Game business?

  • Developing Games won’t make sense for Apple, it’s not their profession.
  • Bundling Game would be like reducing the revenue, when compared with what they get from an equivalent app in App Store.
  • Plans for the NextGen?

Thinking of about all the possibilities, all this looks like is the deal for the next-generation iPhone. They need a Game develoepr who can test and certify the Gaming capabilities of the Next device.

iPhone 4G, possibly could ship with bundled games, but what looks more prevalent is that the next device is going to be more serious on Hardcore gaming. Today’s iPhone 3GS can blow out PSP at graphics. The 4G is already rumored to feature 1GHz+ or a Dual core processor with a more capable GPU that could find a low-end replacement for Desktop games (Games that match low-end PC performance).

iPhone 3GS was supposed to feature HDMI out and 720p video recording, Apple had intentionally disabled the device of doing so, even when hardware is known to perform well on it. Why? Of course to prolong battery life.

No doubt, all these things will be not just enabled but also amplified in 4G.

What do you think ? Does it look like something else to you ?

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