How to charge your phone faster

First and foremost, never use grey market charger. This charger may claim to charge your phone faster but will affect battery life or even your touch screen sensitivity due to irregular current.

For the non-risk takers, follow these steps:

  • Always use original OEM charger for charging your smartphone
  • Faster than fast, turn of your phone while charging to reduce charging time
  • Still fast, turn on Airplane mode while charging to speed up charging
  • Use battery Saving mode (Common feature in smartphones), it restricts background App activity and also restricts usage of Wi-Fi and Cellular Data
  • Use a portable charger or a power bank to stay away from wall charger for longer periods

For the adventurous, more knowledgeable types (aka patrons), get a good quality charger (Good after-market brand) with more than 1 Amp current option. A standard USB charging port will give out 500mA (mA is a measure of Current i.e. “milli Ampere”), which actually is 0.5 Ampere current. This range goes upto 3,000 mA. Using a charger upto 1,500 mA will not affect your battery life but give you a reduced charging time. To avoid blowing up your phone, avoid going beyond 2,000 mA as it tends to overheat your device and may burn it too.

Nowadays more and more phones sport fast charging or dash charging feature but it is still not  a wide spread phenomena. Our listed options above will help you save on time spent to charge your phone while keeping it safe. Also, if your phone does not have Li-Ion (Lithium Ion battery) try not to leave your phone on charging overnight.

Putting your iPhone for overnight charging? Just do it!

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