How to make money from Twitter. Why choose Magpie

Search for this thing and you will get millions of results. 90% will be paid ones, and rest 10% will not guide you in the right path.

There were ideas in intital days that Twitter can earn in 77 ways. One of the successful Ideas I could see was. Twitter could sell ads, it can charge for tweets. Both of these blended perfectly can result into a great business Idea.

How Does it Work?

The same idea is being attempted by a European company called Magpie. The idea is simple yet paying. They’ll pay you for access to your Twitter account, and advertisers will pay them for tweets they send out in your name. Depending on your preferences, you can allow them to tweet as much as every other tweet or as little as once in twenty tweets or as much as one ad per tweet.

the system allows you estimate the Earnings you could draw from the system based upon your account usage. I’m a light Twitter user, having probably two or three tweets a day. I do have an average number of followers, but given that I’m not a heavy user, I was surprised to learn that it estimated my monthly earnings at around $100 (USD).

Does it Pay?

Ofcourse! Next question that comes to our mind is, do they pay out?. Answer is YES! One of my close friends already received his first payout last month whooping $12. They have minimum payouts of $50 that too released on month bases.

There  is a catch though. If you get greedy, things can go bad. You go greedy and you increase no. of ads / your tweets, your followers might start considering you as a spam. Limit your ads to something that is tolerable to your readers, and you are all good.

What are the factors that effect payouts?

Since its new, Its hard to tell all the criteria. But few things are sure. More the no. of followers you have, higher the revenues per ad. And if you are heavy Twitterer, you will earn some $$$.

The results

The CPM is based on the number of people who potentially read the Tweet. For example one tweet on an account with 1000 followers = seen by 1000 people. (Analysis based on my friend’s account)

An ad related to Quantum of Solace had an exposure of 3652 followers for 119 clicks, or a CTR of 3.25%
Bacon Wallet had an exposure of 13022 followers for 344 clicks, or 2.64%

Number of direct sales on both: 0.
Number of indirect sales: difficult to tell. The Quantum of Solace links did nothing at all, where as my Amazon account shows just over $10 in affiliate payments this month, although at least half are not related to this campaign.

What are you waiting for? Its the easiest way to make some money, if not Huge. Get started.

If you know of a better one, feel free to comment. 🙂

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