How to Play HD Movies on PC

Not all PCs: Notebooks, Netbooks are capable of playing High Definition 720p, 1080p Videos. But don’t panic there is a way out.

Method 1. Right Codec (Software)

Earlier we made a comprehensive post on how you can get 1080p fullHD Video Playback on any PC. Follow the guide, it will help you do it with software upgrade.

Method 2. Video Decoder accelearator (Hardware)

Most Light and portable Netbooks will even cry while playing 720p because of limited Intel Atom CPU Power and onboard Intel GMA chipset. In such cases, it’s better to give your hardware an upgrade using external video accelerators.

These hardware are capable of H.264 and VC-1 video compression algorithms to netbook and nettop applications like the playback of streaming media and downloaded media as well as Blu-ray discs. The chipset is capable of full HD real-time decoding. The high performance and low power consumption of the solution allow reduced CPU utilization and support for mobile platform designs. A typical such chipset supports any compliant resolution from QVGA up to 1920 x 1088.

Broadcom BCM 70012

Here are the Popular Choices:

Broadcom BCM 70012

It connects to your Laptop via Mini PCI-e interface.

You can buy them from eBay for approximately $20.

How to install: Open your laptop and look for PCI-e slot. Get it done from a hardware expert, in case you find it difficult. Aldo, there are pci-e to USB adaptors too.

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