How to speed up a slow iPad

In the event that you own an older Apple iPad : iPad 1 or maybe iPad 2 or iPad 3 or the iPad mini 1; there is a high possibility that it is not working as quickly as you prefer. Even as you may have updated the iOS to the latest available version which is free of bugs or glitches. You would have noticed that the iPad has slowed down with passage of time. At times even relatively new models feel slow in comparison to the latest ones.

Fear not! help is at hand. You can speed up your limping machine with tried & tested tricks showed below.

Remove unused Apps – Remove old Apps that you do not use anymore. They occupy precious space on your iPad and do tend to slow up the iPad by utilizing system resources while running in background. Some Apps do keep using system resources even as you dont use them often or have stopped using them completely. Long-press the App icon and click on the cross X on right top corner of the App. Now the App will not pester your iPad speed anymore

Restart your iPad – Like the old skool times, restarting your computer can do you good! After removing unnecessary Apps from your iPad, you should restart it to refresh its memory and in turn speed it up. Hold down the Sleep button till slider appears on top of the screen, slide it towards the right and your iPad will power off. To start the iPad back on, Hold down the sleep button again till you see Apple logo on your screen.

Keep your iOS up to date – Make sure you have the latest iOS version installed on your Apple iPad. It not only ensures safety from software vulnerabilities, but also provides for optimal utilization of hardware resources. Go to Settings > General > Software Update and check if you have the latest iOS version. If not, please download the latest version.

Clear up browser cache – More than other Apps you would have noticed your browser Safari or Chrome to be getting real slow while switching tabs or even simply scrolling through webpages. This happens due to browser cache (temporary memory) getting filled up. Go to Settings > General > Clear History and Website Data to remove all of the Safari cache and do the same for other browsers like Google Chrome.

Clearing up the Notifications & Location services mess – Notifications are a great way to prioritize your work on the iPad. But with increasing number of Apps through ever increasing number of notification messages, the purpose of notifications gets defeated. Go to Notification center in iPad settings and turn off the notifications which you don’t really want. Do the same for Location Services as most of them only hog up system resources and eat up your battery life. Be judgmental in allowing Apps to access your location.

Turn off visual effects – With newer versions of iOS, the navigation on the iPad has become a lot more classier. Menus morphing into sub-menus and gradient colors in the background, things have got the Oomph factor. All this at the cost of your iPad’s speed. You can gain more speed by turning off these visual effects. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion and set Reduce Motion to On.

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