HP Hurricane WebOS Tablet is Coming

By now everyone seems to believe that HP bought Palm to overhaul it’s Slate ditching Windows 7 for Palm WebOS.

The original HP Slate was first showcased by Steve Ballmer at CES 2010, early this year. But soon after the company realized that Windows 7 is no Tablet-friendly OS, they needed some as intuitive as the iPhone OS – like iPad, so took the idea of modifying the WebOS, a great mobile OS, into a tablet form factor. As per the latest development, an insider at HP reveals that a webOS tablet under the code name “HP Hurricane” could be released the third quarter of this year.

HP desperately wants to build a iPad killer. Slate, with half the battery life, was not even near and not to forget, the experience was meant to be pathetic. A non-specialized OS cannot fit into Tablet form factor. You just cant use multitouch instead of mouse and keyboard.

“It is a really interesting device, but runs as slow as a turtle,” says Los Angeles industry analyst Paul Mueller. “I think they could have had something with a faster processor, but that would have led to less battery life than the Slate already had. If rumors of this tablet are true, this can be a killer device–webOS is an outstanding operating system for a tablet.”

Palm had failed to publicize a great mobile operating system. Their marketing campaign was literally poor and failed to prove their point where they could have easily done it. WebOS is way more intuitive than the current gen iPhone OS (3.x). the way it handles multitasking, app-switching, navigation, its a great operating system to have on a Tablet device.

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  • WebOS, a great mobile OS, into a tablet form factor, As per the latest development, an insider at HP tablet under the code name “HP Hurricane”. Such that it’s a big announcing special features to involving.

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