HTC Hero Supports Adobe Flash, Makes it a Killer Gadget

The all new HTC Hero will open whole world of multimedia content with support for Adobe Flash 9. Support for flash content had been on HOT demand since iPhone was realeased. Though, Adobe had showed proofs that they were working with Apple to develop Flash for  iPhone, but we never saw anything concrete.

Things are getting exciting in the mobile phone arena. First we get the beefed-up iPhone 3GS, and now we have a new Android HTC Hero. Uptil now, Android has been dumb and lame. Then, all of sudden from nowhere first Augmented Reality App was released and now  HTC Hero has Flash 9 capability with Flash 10 coming later this year, giving it a competitive edge.

Flash on mobile platform will enable Rich experience of Web content and applications that couldn’t run on previous mobile phones. There are a whole set of Flash games and other media that are available. While this content is now available on the Hero, the iPhone can play YouTube videos but no other Flash media, but it will be all possible in future.

People even say that Apple has intentionally suppressed Flash. The reason for this is obvious: Apple wants control of which applications are permitted to run on the iPhone, and more importantly, a cut of the pie. Applications written in Flash would bypass the iPhone App Store, and they won’t earn what they are doing today by there 70-30 game or 80-20 game whatever it is.

I believe that once the Hero gains some momentum, Apple will make a move. But story on both sides has negatives for Microsoft, nobody is running towards Silverlight. May be windows mobile will be the sole platform and Microsoft’s homepage as the sole publisher 😛

Cehck the demo of Flash on Hero.

Demo source:

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