IBM launches Sensor Data Events Automation with WebSphere, Tivoli

IBM had started investing in Sensor based softwares since it’s acquisition of AptSoft in 2008. The Product was later called WebSphere Sensor Events. IBM had taken that core software and integrated it with its WebSphere and Tivoli application lineup.

IBM, recently, launched an upgrade to the software that navigates data from sensors and triggers automated business responses.

The software, dubbed WebSphere Sensor Events, aggregates data from sensors that monitor: Air Quality, Traffic, Water flow, Energy usage and other items via RFID tags.

IBM reckons that there will be six billion RFID tags in circulation by 2010, and scope is unlimited.

These sensors throw off a lot of data—too much in fact. IBM’s software aims to capture the data and run it through an enterprise’s business process and analytics systems. Once the data was analyzed an enterprise could react to incoming data and adjust accordingly. e.g. calculate and optimize power savings.

Efforts like IBM’s current are growing in importance. Wireless providers and a no. of other technology players envision a world of interconnected sensors that bridge the Internet with the physical world. Companies use these sensors—and the software that goes with them—to track shipping containers, track data center energy use and monitor food safety.

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