If Microsoft made the World. All In one Collection

Back in the years, it looked like Microsoft might take over the world. But after a decade we don’t see that happening as yet. Compare the following:
– Vista vs. MacOS X
– Zune vs. iPod Touch
– windows Mobile vs. iPhone
– Bing  vs. Google
– Hotmail vs. Gmail
– Silverlight vs. Adobe Flash
– Xbox vs. PS3
– Licenses per CPU per User per Developer vs. Open Source

Still, did you ever wonder what could have been the world like If Microsft ruled the world?
Come on, its all over the internet. I’ve collected them for you from multiple sources like cracked.com, techworld.com. Here it goes:

What if Microsoft invented Intelligent Cars (iCars)?

by AceJustice

What if Microsoft invented the Paintboard of Leaornardo Da vinci?

by pompi

What if Microsoft invented Industry tools?

by Blackacre

What if Microsoft invented Aliens and their Spaceship?

by SnakeEyes

What if Microsoft created interactive Kitchens?

by Rubbin Hood

What if Microsoft made Monoply? (they already do that?) No, no. I meant the Game!

by nicalobe

What if Microsoft gave birth to children?

by gm_zero

What if Microsoft designed the Greek Literature?

by AceJustice

What if Microsoft designed Marriage Albums?

by Tupper

What if Microsoft made Interative Toilet assistants?

by Heart87

What if Microsoft made Google? No bing bing-bong

by Daedalus

What if Microsoft bought WalMart?

by R.Matey

What if Microsoft created Co****?

by Orchard

What if Microsoft made Airbus?

OOOO. What if Microsoft invented the Earth?

by mmmbacon

And What if Microsoft created Parachutes?

And now My favourite. What if Microsoft invented iPhone killer? O-Phone (source: TechWorld)

“Blah Blah. Future is a mere dirty challenge, we are dirt ready!”*

Our Passion, Your depression*

*Disclaimer: Just for Fun. No hard feelings.

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