Install Snow Leopard on PC [USB]

We had been into Mac OS X Installation on PC for a long time now. We ‘ve produced several flawless guides, though complexity may have varied.

With all your generous support, we are now able to produce the Easiest Guide to Install Snow Leopard on PC.

Update: You can upgrade to OS X 10.6.2 without any issues.

Before We Start:

  • This is “Retail method” for Installation [Most Trusted]
  • You need Supported hardware.
  • 8GB or Higher USB drive.
  • Snow Leopard Install DVD ($29 upgrade disk works) or an equivalent downloaded ISO.
  • Another Mac to prepare your thumb drive. You can also do this over a Hackintosh PC.
  • The EP45UD3P Snow Leopard install package: Download. This Automates all CommandLine work.

Step 1: Prepairing USB

First, we’re going to format usb thumb drive, later  copy the Snow Leopard DVD image to the thumb drive.

Watch the video in HD and fullscreen to get clearer look at the process.

After you restore the Snow Leopard install DVD to your thumb drive, all you’ve got to do is Run the EP45UD3P Snow Leopard.pkg file (download link above), select your thumb drive, and, let the installer will take care of all the work.

Step 2. Configuring BIOS:

You’ve got to make some small adjustments to your BIOS.

  • Boot Priority: Enable USB Boot, and set USB thumb drive the highest priority for Boot.
  • AHCI Mode: SATA RAID/AHCI Mode  should be set to AHCI
  • ACPI Power mode: Set it to S3(STR).

If you have trouble finding these settings, refer to the images below (click to enlarge) credits to Adam Pash.

Step 3: Installation

Now comes the easy part.

Restart PC, Make sure your prepared thumb drive is plugged into your PC. :

As shown in the Video: Boot into the Snow Leopard installer, format the hard drive you want to install Snow Leopard to (go to Utilities -> Disk Utility, then click on the drive, select 1 Partition, Mac OS X Journaled, give it a name, and make sure GUID Partition Table is set in the Options. After you Apply the new partition, go back to the installer and install like normal to that drive. When you reboot after the install completes, press the arrow keys at the graphical boot menu and select the drive you just installed Snow Leopard to.

Step 4. Minor Tweaks (optional but good to have)

You should have everything working by now. But here are few additional, optional steps to enhance your Experience:

1. Get Sound Fully working:

Sound isn’t entirely working yet. You may notice that sound actually does work in some instances, but not all. All you should actually need to do is open up the Sound preference pane in System Preferences (/Applications/System Preferences), click the Output tab, and change the output device to Built-in Line output (I haven’t tested with digital out, but it should work fine in theory).

2. Boot into Snow Leopard without USB Thumb Drive

Right now, your Hackintosh needs USB to boot. To boot from internal harddisk,  install the custom bootloader to your hard drive. Unzip EP45UD3P Snow Leopard.pkg zip file that you downloaded initially, run it and select the hard drive you’ve installed Snow Leopard to. Once the installer completes, you’ll no longer need your thumb drive plugged in to boot into Snow Leopard.

Bingo! You installed Snow Leopard on PC by the Easiest Way!

For Fixing WiFi: Intel 3945 Wireless Driver for Snow Leopard

Tip: In case you need quick assistance, contact me on Twitter: @taranfx

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