Intel PineTrail vs. Nvidia Ion

Intel has recently unveiled plans for it’s next generation graphics for Netbooks: PineTrail. Nvidia already has a strong contender: Nvidia Ion. So which one is better?

Intel claims that Nvidia Ion is overkill for Netbooks battery. But practically, Intel’s Pine Trail Atom n450 chips are pretty bad in almost everything. Their power management is not as good as Nvidia’s and when it comes to performance, there’s no comparison.

Ion can play 1080p HD, basic games at medium resolution (say 1024×768) at decent frame rates (~30-40fps)
Nvidia has promised better battery life, they’ll be officially announced at CES 2010, and should ship in early 2010. There’s apparently also a bit of smack-talk about Intel’s underpowered new Atoms, with Nvidia noting that people want way better graphics performance than Intel seems to think.

Nvidia Ion: Core clock 450 Mhz, PineTrail ~ 300Mhz. Also as intel claims, Pinetrail is not meant to play 1080p HD video, it can max do a 720p.
I guess everything looks clear, even if both of them get similar battery life, Nvidia Ion is a far better choice. Still, stay tuned fro more from CES 2010.
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