Day1: 120,000 iPads Sold, Success awaits?

When Apple makes a gadget, its hard to deny the fact that it would succeed. Despite all the the shortcomings, once again Apple is here to prove that they sell “experience” and not features. What this could mean is that iPad is a  success, and not even absence of Flash, camera can stop it.

With rumors rounding yesterday claiming iPad to sell 50,000 in 2 hours have now extended to a larger number. As per CNN brainstormtech, Apple has managed to get 120,000 pre-orders on the Day 1.

“Apple has been able to generate over $75 million in revenue in one day on a product that 99.9% of purchasers haven’t touched or for that matter, even seen in person,” said Victor Castroll an analyst with Valcent Financial Group. “And, we’re still three weeks away. That is amazing”

While the choice seems to be more on Wifi models, 3G data plans are very well suited for the customers.

Not to forget that these are just early figures. Watching Apple’s older trends, their products go for multiple times sales after few months of launch. We will have to wait and see if the same happens for iPad.

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