iPhone 4.0 will Bring Multitasking [Confirmed]

The time has finally arrived when Apple would put a finger on evey critic’s lips who was shouting about absence of Multitasking. As AppleInsider reports, this would finally enable users and app developers to run iPhone applicaitions in the background there by making true multitasking a reality.

Apple had been working to make this possible by leveraging the same technoogies that power their snow leopard desktops ofcourse in a trimmed down optimized way. Its pretty much in works at this moment but is not a distant dream. Today’s iPhone 3.x software has the capacity to run multiple apps (and Jailbroken devices do that) and this is almost fully-compliant for the iPhone 3GS since it has more room for RAM, battery juice. But on older devices like iPhone 3g, 2g, its a challenge Apple will fight over the coming months. The restrictions are artificially imposed to run one app at a time too save battery. Apple beleives in perfection, and it wont be official till the time Steve Jobs feels it is worth.

Restrictive Multitasking is already supported
Already, most common apps like Mail, SMS, Phone, Recorder, iPod, (and a large no. of unix services) run int he background without a glitch. However, 3rd party titles from App Store can’t.
One reason is security: To prevent running a malicious activity in background.

The Challenges and Solutions to Multitasking on iPhone 4.0
The iPhone OS is intended to create mobile devices that are easy to use, not just small versions of the complex PC model of the 1990s. Apple hates the idea of having let a user fiddle around TaskManager to optimize battery, which they believe adds complexity to the User Interface.
One way Apple could tackle is the popular Navigation of Mac OS X: Dock.

Even when Dock is introduced, Apple will need to set a policy on what kind of apps can support multitasking. e.g. Hodling a heavy Graphics Game in the background is no fun. It would drain the battery like crazy.

And the second challenge would be to introduce something that Android already has: Allow special trimmed down behavior when app goes to the background. The last part could be expanding the hardware capabilities, which of course means a newer gadget, iPhone 4g.

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