Crash Cellphone Towers with Jailbroken iPhone – Apple. How True is it?

Are you on a Jailbroken iPhone? This news will probably will make you prouder and powerful.

Talks started from  Electronic Frontier Foundation who was making attempts for making Jailbreaking a legal right for every iPhone owner, encouraging a more open world of OpenSource.

In response, Apple gave a statement that would make it impossible for Jailbreaking to be legal in years to come.

“A jailbroken iPhone is a weapon of Mass disruption”

Apple made this claim in filed PDF last week with the agency.

Apple explains that jailbreaking could allow hackers to altering the iPhone’s BBP, “BaseBand processor” software, which enables a connection to cell phone towers.

Apple claimed:

“By tinkering with this code, a local or international hacker could potentially initiate commands (such as a denial of service attack) that could crash the tower software, rendering the tower entirely inoperable to process calls or transmit data,Taking control of the BBP software would be much the equivalent of getting inside the firewall of a corporate computer — to potentially catastrophic result.The technological protection measures were designed into the iPhone precisely to prevent these kinds of pernicious activities, and if granted, the jailbreaking exemption would open the door to them.”

We’re gratified that Apple locked down this potential weapon of mass disruption before hackers could unleash cybarmageddon.

Does this also explains why Apple rejected the official Google Voice App for the iPhone this week? We thought it was because Google Voice posed a threat to AT&T’s exclusivity deal with Apple. Now we know it threatened national security. Really did it?

Is it Apple’s Monoply? Charge on Jailbreaking is REAL?

Apple because of it’s closed business model, has enjoyed since 2007, with more than 32 million phones running billions of Apps being sold. The per-App revenue-sharing model has given them big numbers in the Quarterly reports.

Are they trying to secure their business with monopoly over software of world’s best smartphone App Store?

Question is, if Apple’s argument was correct, the open-source Android phone from Google on T-Mobile networks would also be a menace to society. “This kind of theoretical threat,” von Lohmann said, “is more FUD than truth.”

Apple also claimed that jailbreaking would pave the way for hackers to alter the Exclusive Chip Identification number that identified the phone to the cell tower, which could enable calls to be made anonymously. Apple said “this would be desirable to drug dealers.” The nation’s cellphone networks could suffer “potentially catastrophic” cyberattacks by iPhone-wielding hackers at home and abroad if iPhone owners are permitted to legally jailbreak their shiny wireless devices. That’s what Apple claims.

The Fact

I don’t see enough logics to support them. You can potentially overload a celltower than a normal cellphone is supposed to do by assigning larger number of channels, intermingling them. But unless and until you start a DDoS attack via a botnet madeup of iPhones, you cant really bring down a CellTower.

Do you believe Apple’s latest statement? Let me know.

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