iPhone OS 3.2 Features

Curse the iPad but it would still be a Big success.

iPhone OS 3.2 contains support for video calling has now been confirmed. There are hooks to accept and decline a video conference, flip a video feed (which suggests a front-facing camera) and — most importantly — run the video call in either full screen mode or in just a portion of the screen.

This means a you can video chat and work on something else, and isn’t that multitasking already ?

We’re definitely starting to get the impression that Apple didn’t tell us everything there is to know about the iPad in the Launch event — and we’re even more curious to find out what iPhone OS 4.0 will look like when it arrives.

iPhone OS 3.2 comes with a bunch of features which look like clear support for  iPad.

  • File downloads and local storage in the browser,
  • much richer text support for apps, the ability to selectively draw to external displays (using the VGA or component adapters, we’d imagine)
  • location-aware ads in Maps and possibly other programs that use the Maps API, file upload ability in Safari, a modifiable cut / copy / paste menu, and, most interestingly, prototype support for a “handwriting keyboard.”
  • CoreGraphics to PDF API for sure, printer API is being prototyped
  • Spell checker with multiple dictionaries and user-added entries. Spell checker in text fields and web views using AppleSpell
    – multiple languages
    – grammar checking (English-only so far)
    – address book integration
    – user added words
    – SDK access
    – Included dictionaries: Apple Dictionary, New Oxford American Dictionary, Oxford American Writer’s Thesaurus, Shogakukan Daijisen, Shogakukan Progressive English-Japanese Japanese-English Dictionary, and Shogakukan Ruigo Reikai Jiten (may also be used for a Dictionary app perhaps?)
  • USB Host support or expanded Bluetooth support
    – PTP support for transferring images.
  • Much richer text API including low-level access to font data and highlevel support for drawing formatted text.
  • Ability for applications to modify the standard cut/copy/paste menu



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