iTunes – Pros and Cons

Apple is known to be at the cutting edge of technology across all of its product verticals. Because it was built that way, built by a geek who also happened to be an excellent salesman. A salesman who would want his customers to keep coming back to him. Even for the items they have already purchased form him, they are required to come to him for updates at a frequency decided by him.

For pretty much 15 years, we have been using and abusing iTunes for its good and not so good features. Apple has been pushing updates time and again and they generally let your Mac or PC feeling deprived of disk space as well as system resources. The company seems to be keeping an eye on any and every recent updates in softwares which offer music functionalities. And efforts seem to be pretty much to inoculate all the new possible features into the already slowing down software (unless you keep updating your hardware going along). With passage of generations of updates, iTunes is not an enormous shop involving new music, videos in addition to TV SET, software, ebooks, iTunes lessons, podcast, radio etc.

iTunes is connect between Mac or PC to the rest of Apple Ecosystem. Needless to say it is the single most important harbor to any iDevice. Because they all need to dock onto it for their supplies, oflate apple has been promoting OTA updates and purchases though.

iTunes iPhoneThis particular one-stop advertising purchaser and player nevertheless carries a success connected with attributes we all have been looking out for. With the advent of iCloud, iTunes’ integration with iOS equipment has become tight than ever before. Apple’s iTunes has become virtually the ideal media-playing and purchasing software program. It can be difficult to beat being a electronic digital new music, motion picture, and podcast player. And lastly we all get a new music ongoing support including those which is available from Rdio, Groove, and Spotify. Apple has promoted iTunes into a massive content library, advanced design and style, and rapid performance.




With every update, the app seems to be more hungry for disk space, not ideal for a media player. The Authorization limit feture can be limiting for few users who have multiple iDevices.


One-stop for all your music and video needs. Music subscription service. Massive choices for Internet radio stations with specific music genres. Spic Mini Player mode. iCloud integration. Nothing is as sleek as the iTunes.

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