How to Jailbreak Windows RT Tablets [Easy]

Windows RT tablets can only run ARM-based apps installed from Microsoft Marketplace, reasonbeing these RT tablets run on ARM processors like Tegra 3, but Microsoft restricts it further by not allowing you to run any unsigned ARM apps.

Why Jailbreak Windows RT Tablet?

RT Jailbreak Tool is an easy to use tool to make Jailbreaking Windows RT anyone’s cup of coffee. This opens up possibilities on the platform that enables developers to create unsigned apps and build unsigned desktop apps for Windows RT devices. The primary intent is to allow users to run ports of existing desktop apps compiled for RT’s ARM architecture. When you Jailbreak Windows RT tablet, the restrictions are lifted, you can install any ARM based app on the Surface RT tablet.

How To Jailbreak Windows RT Tablet

Download the tool (zip file) from XDA post.

Step 1. Use a Unzipping utility like 8 Zip to extract files to desktop.

Step 2.  Open the folder where you extracted the contents of the zip file. Open the runExploit.bat by double clicking it.

Next, open that folder and execute the ‘runExploit’ file. Upon launch, the tool will automatically start the jailbreak process and all you need is follow some self-explanatory onscreen instructions, and confirm a few prompts.

Once it opens, follow the onscreen instructions, they are self-explanatory.

Step 3. In the developer license window, click “I Agree” and then login to your Microsoft account to obtain the developer license. Moments later, another credentials confirmation dialog appears, enter your details, and when done hit close.

Step 4. Up next, command prompt would open up and prompt “Are you sure you wish to continue?” Hit Y from keyboard and hit enter

Next, press the Volume Down button on your tablet when asked by the tool, to finish the jailbreak process.

You’re now Jailbroken!

Validating Windows RT Jailbreak

To validate successful Jailbreak, simply look for ‘Get Kernel Base’ tile on the Start Screen.

This is a soft-Jailbreak. It would be removed as soon as you reboot the device. To regain Jailbreak, you just need to run the BAT file again and press Volume Down when prompted.

Don’t remove the ‘Get kernel base’ tile otherwise you would have to go through all the fore-mentioned steps again when bat file is re-run.

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