Java JDK 7 marks Feature Complete

Java 7 is just around the corner with JDK 7 project  reaching the “Feature Complete (FC)” phase of software development cycle.

What this means that development and QA have finished all the planned feature and test development work in the release. Up next, they will be testing and bug fixing on all supported JDK 7 platforms. This is a major step towards JDK 7 General Availability (GA).

Java 7 has been delayed several times, as per the last schedule, it was suppose to go FC on 12/16.

The FC milestone allows for exceptions to be integrated later. Such new features would come from updated JAXP/JAXB/JAX-WS and integration of the enhanced JMX agent from JRockit. However, these won’t affect the current Roadmap.

However, the factor that can delay JDK7 further would be introduction of modifications in JSRs which are controlled by Expert Groups for the JSRs 203, 292, 334, 336.

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Java JDK 7 Features:

Features are listed in order, more or less, from lowest to highest in the overall JDK  software stack.

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