Kick users, devices from Wifi

Is your roommate eating all of your Wifi bandwidth downloading those crazy torrents? Is your wife streaming too many movies from Netflix? Are your younger ones spending so much time on nothing but Facebook? Its almost time start kicking them from Wifi connection.

You can now kick users & devices from Wifi using an android app called WiFiKill. The app makes sure that a targeted users is not able to connect to Internet using your Wifi.

WiFiKill is pretty simple: it scans your network for connected devices and gives the option to individually kill their network connectivity. You can also chose to Kick all users, if you intend to. Tick the “all” box and the network will be completely empty in a matter of seconds. To re-enable connectivity for any device, simply uncheck the box next to its name.

Note: App does wacky stuff to your wifi by injecting spoofing DNS and several other UDP stuff, works only on Rooted phones.

There’s alot of things you can do with it, but doing so for Public or shared networks can create  serious problems. We hope you don’t boot users and create havoc using this app. Use it wisely, don’t be a jackass. If you promise to be ethical, feel free to install the app from market.

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