KinectShop – Future of Online Shopping

What would the online shopping look like in the Future? More personalized, more closer to the real world experience. You would use Augmented Reality for shopping Clothes. The future of online shopping is taking shape, and thanks to the most hacked gadget of all times, we would soon have it spicing up online shopping.

KinectShop is a new augmented reality shopping platform for Xbox Kinect will allow users to try on clothes in true 3-D, share photos with friends, and store wish-listed items on smartphones for shopping on-the-go.

KinectShop uses the Xbox + kinect’s new finger-recognition technology to allow shoppers to grab items from an unlimited shelf of clothes, see how accessories look at multiple angles, and share the photos with friends on Twitter and Facebook.

“The customer can visually see what an object looks like on them without even entering a retail store,” Steve Dawson, Technology Director for the Emerging Experiences group at Razorfish tells Fast Company. Unlike existing virtual shopping that shoehorns 2-D photos on top of body snapshots, “with Kinect, you can find the physical outlines of a person and map it to your body.”

The video below would give you a good idea about how KinectShop can help people try clothes in front of a mirror, where shifting the body to different poses aligns perfectly with clothes you try on:

The good part of the story is that Xbox Kinect is already very popular and its the hottest product among hackers, families and gamers alike. You don’t actually have to buy a new device to get the future of Online shopping at home today.

KinectShop can talk to smartphones as well, a shopper can easily scan a QR code or swipe their NFC smartphone to take their experience with them and use wayfinding tools to locate the product in-store

KinectShop is built by the Razorfish team which as sophisticated image recognition that recognizes fingers, because hand finger tracking is one of computer visioning’s biggest challenges. Unlike face, hand can take any geometrical shape and hence is very tricky to be recognized.

KinectShop is just the beginning on online shopping, we would see much more improvements in the coming future.

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