LG Tech Show India Full Coverage

LG Electronics exhibited its Technology products at New Delhi on April 23rd, 2013 revealing some of the groundbreaking products.

LG unveiled 70+ new products among TVs,  Audio systems, Home Theater, Household utilities, Cooling solutions, Lighting solutions, PCs, and smartphones.


The whole smartphone show was stolen away by LG Optimus Pro, the new flagship device from the South Korean manufacturer.

LG Optimus G Pro is the direct competitor of Galaxy S4, XPERIA Z, HTC One with a FullHD 5.5″ screen and enormous processing power underhood. Optimus G Pro improves on Optimus G’s glossy surface and lives upto its name even though its all plastic rather than glass.

The display boasts 1920×1080 resolution with 401ppi pixel density. The rear camera still does 13MP imagery but it has better low light performance and sharpness over Optimus G. It also gains better HDR imagery. The video was usual at 1080p @30FPS, but no support for 60FPS.

The battery is enormous at 3,140mAh and would give you longer talk time than Galaxy SIII as per the company.

At its heart is the 1.7 Ghz Qualcomm Krait 300 (Snapdragon 600 chipset) processor, Adreno 320 GPU, 2GB RAM, and up to 64GB storage. CPU, GPU and RAM are exactly the same as HTC One. But a larger 5.5″ screen puts into direct competition with the upcoming Galaxy Note III.

Optimus G Pro runs Android 4.1.2, which would be upgraded to Android 4.2.2 soon. It also has expandable Micro-SD card slots.

The device feels great in hands despite the size. The back has those sparkling squares, similar to Optimus G.

Optimus G Pro would come in 3.5G, 4G LTE variants and is priced around $700 unlocked or Rs. 38,000 in India. This is a great price to own a phone with that kind of specs.


There were two big attractions among HDTVs. Absolutely vibrant 55″ LG OLED TV is designed to impress. With thickness of under a centimeter, this smart TV is designed to impress with its rich, vivid screen. This OLED TV is only 4mm thick and weighs under 10kgs – The best in the industry.

LG’s OLED technology adds W to RGB. W stands for white, WRGB brings gorgeous colors, without missing-out details in white. This display retails in international market for $18,000 – 20,000

Another star of the show was 85″ 3D 4K Ultra HDTV. We had an exclusive detailed close lookup at the display and found it absolutely gorgeous. The color reproduction, the contrast, and the viewing angle were all very impressive. The most impressive feature of this TV is wide-angle 3D support. You can be anywhere: in-front, side and still get the perfect 3D perspective & depth.

In our tests, it could display perfect 3D picture for 160degrees around the screen, that’s exceptionally good for any 3D TV we’ve ever seen.

3D image on 84" 4K LG HDTV

The Asian version of this display runs a custom Linux OS which gives its the smart TV features controlled from a gyroscope-enabled Wii-like remote. LG has partnered with media companies to streams lots of 3D content right from the cloud.

The TV has smart anti-blur techniques and boasts a refresh rate of 200, good enough to give you a stereoscopic smooth video all the time.

Though you would ideally connect a good home theater system with this TV, in case you don’t it has decent 2.2 channel audio (2 Mids + 2 Woofers) built-in to keep your senses happy.

The 85″ 3D 4K ultra HDTV can be yours for around $25,000 in US and Rs. 17,00,000 in India.

All the latest TV offerings from LG are energy efficient and have support for latest media standards like Miracast. (DLNA like protocol to stream live screen from Android smartphones, PCs, over the air). Miracast is essentially an open alternative to Apple’s AirPlay.

Home Theaters

LG showcased Hecto Laser Display, a projection TV technology that delivers a 100″ display wall from a close-sighted projector that lies a feet away from the high-gain screen. Its a Full-HD display that looks decently lit in a bright room, something usual for this segment.

LG also announced a 9.1 channel Home Theater Audio solution which we found to be underwhelming, at least for the content that was played.


LG unveiled X-Boom Audio system, the most powerful consumer-grade Music system. X-BOOM is rated at 2300Watts RMS or 25000 Watts PMPO, enough power to shake the ground in any hall. This is a monster audio system that delivers the power you need in a huge hall or even outdoors.

Its a 2-channel system with per channel 5″ mids-speaker, 1 horn tweeter and dual ported 12″ Woofer.

It has built-in support for Bluetooth A2DP, CD, USB, MP3.

This is no product for Audiophiles, but certainly a average quality consumer-grade electronics. Other than power, I was not impressed by the quality of sound it delivers.

DJ control for XBOOM

Cooling Solutions

LG has been into residential and commercial cooling products for quiet some time now. What’s interesting is that they are making these solutions greener and greener every year. LG’s 2013 ACs use inverter technology to save enormous power. e.g. If a A.C. is rated at 1.5 tonnes, it can down switch to 0.25 tonnes when not much cooling is required.

On contrary, traditional ACs would consume full power and are switch-off using thermostat to maintain temperature. And power consumption for those is immense during startup when compressor takes the maximum stress. A traditional AC can consume upto 2.5 tonnes during startup. Inverter technology ensures it never goes beyond rated power and steps-down when not much of cooling is required.

LG also showcased few lifestyle ACs that add visual appeal to your living room. They have come up with floorstanding 3-way, 4-way air-flow ACs that fill your space nicely offering you good power savings and friendly features like control from smartphones, Air Purification (Ionizers), and more.


LG Evercool refrigerators are specially designed for India and other 3rd world countries where power-cuts are a norm. These refrigerators can keep the whole area cool for upto 7 hours without power. The secret sauce is a coolant liquid that flows throughout the body of the fridge. This technology is patented and hence exclusive to LG refrigerators for next decade.

Even under normal operations, these new refrigerators save upto 20% power when compared to others like Whirlpool, Samsung for the similar size.


Surprisingly enough, LG is a big player in lighting solutions. They fabricate and design indoor, outdoor lighting solutions. They have wide set of LED lighting solutions that fit about any requirement from living room, to hallway to outdoors.

LG claims to deliver 50,000 hours of operation for all it’s LED products, after which emitted power falls to 70%. This is by far among the highest operational hours we’ve come across. Most other companies claim 50-60k hours of operation after which they probably die out.

Other Utility, Home/Office Electronics

Transparent Screen technology

Tromm styler. Keeps your clothes fresh and bacteria free.

LG Hom-Bot automatically maps and then sweeps your full house

Mini portable printer that needs no ink. Connects via NFC, Bluetooth

Final words/Impressions

LG has been doing quiet well and our last year’s LG Optimus 4xHD review stated a clear indication in that direction. LG has been first to bring so many technologies like first dual-core phone, then first-quad core phone, first 4K 3D TV, first OLED TV.

It’s evident that LG has been listening to it’s customers and taking valuable feedback from Bloggers and tech-savvy people.

During my word with LG’s M.D. Soon Kwon, he made it clear how LG is betting big with Futuristic products. LG has huge market share when it comes HDTVs, household utilities. Smartphones are catching up, and its only a matter of time.

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